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Terms & Conditions

Our Tickets

When you confirm your purchase, you are accepting that these terms and conditions form the basis of any contract between The Stonehenge Tour and yourself.

Online Ticketing T&C’s

Once purchased, on-line tickets may not be used in conjunction with any other offer. No ticket may be resold.

Any discounts or offers on-line are available for limited quantities and periods only and shall not be available on bookings made by phone or in person.

Prices are correct at time of going to press and are subject to change without notification.

When your booking has been confirmed your tickets will be dispatched via email to the email you specified on booking. It is your responsibility to check prior to your purchase that the info you have supplied to us in respect of your eticket requirements is accurate.
The Stonehenge Tour is only responsible for issuing etickets in accordance with the information you provide.


Ticket Purchase and Validity

Full price E-tickets bought at full price are only valid for 180 days (six months) from the date of purchase.

Definition of Classes

An Adult is a person aged from 16 years old
A Child is a person aged from 5 years old to 15 years old. Children will not be permitted entry without an adult.

Requests for refunds on tickets or passes purchased will be made at our discretion and will be subject to an administration fee.

All tickets, passes and permits remain the property of the operator and may be withdrawn at any time.

The issue of a ticket should not be regarded as an undertaking by us that that our buses or coaches will run at any time or at all or that there shall be sufficient space on the bus or coach for you to board.

If a customer is found to be fraudulently using, copying, producing or adapting our range of tickets, passes and permits to travel that customer will be liable to prosecution by us.

Refunds - requests for refunds on tickets or passes purchased will be made at our discretion and will be subject to a 10% administration fee.

In order to travel with us you must purchase a valid ticket or hold a valid pass or permit for the journey you wish to undertake. At no time will you be permitted to travel on our bus or coach if that ticket, pass or permit (i) has been altered, copied or defaced; (ii) has been issued to a person different from the person who is travelling on our vehicle (other than where such ticket, pass or permit states it is transferrable); or (iii) has expired.

Many young customers look very grown up and our drivers may question your age. We recommend that ID is carried so that your age can be verified otherwise you may be charged adult fare.

If you buy a ticket when you board our services, you should ensure you are given a new ticket directly from the ticket machine (or that your smart card is validated correctly) which corresponds with the amount paid and covers you for the entire journey you wish to make.

It is also important to check any change and point out any discrepancies to the driver at the point of purchase as it will be harder to correct any mistake later. Whilst we will aim to always have sufficient change available although our drivers are unable to accept £50 notes.

Prices displayed on the site are subject to change without notice.

Please keep your ticket, Smartcard, pass or permit to travel throughout the journey you are making as a Company Official may ask to inspect your ticket. If you fail to produce a valid authority to travel for the journey, you may be asked to leave the bus or coach or you may be asked to pay the maximum single fare on the route being travelled. Please note that we will be unable to refund your fare should you later find the missing ticket or pass.

You must not override the validity for the ticket or pass you have purchased. Should you be found to be travelling further than your ticket entitles you to you will be required to pay the equivalent adult single fare from your initial boarding point until your new alighting point.

Single and return tickets are normally only valid on the day they were purchased unless a different arrangement has been clearly advertised. On single tickets you are not permitted to break your journey and if you do you maybe liable to pay for another ticket. Return tickets are valid for travel on any bus that goes along the same corridor irrespective of route. Return tickets are also valid for travel on another service that terminates at the same destination as long as the value of the journey is the same as stated on the ticket. Return tickets are only valid for one outbound and return journey and once punched are no longer valid for travel.

Details of the range of tickets for different age groups are available on our websites and will be subject to change. This change will be notified to customers via our website and information displayed on our vehicles.